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Like anything, there is a correct process involved in tree pruning. Proper cuts should be made near the branch collar. While pruning a tree, the decision must be made in which branches are to be removed. It’s not always as simple as removing the dead branches – In some cases there may be benefits to thinning live branches. One thing you can count on is that Jesse Scotts Tree Service has experience in promoting excellent tree health. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Christina K.


Scott came with his crew 15 minutes early, and did the job in no time. I would definitely recommend them, and use them again if needed. Great job guys!

Brenda G.


Had this AWESOME team at my house today, they removed 2 large trees. I have never seen and group of men work so well together to get the job done.If your looking for tree removal these are the guys you need.


Rachel Decker

Jesse Scott Tree Service came in just a few days ago and took down an ENORMOUS tree for me - it had become hollow, massive and dangerous, and Jesse and his team came in and took care of it quickly, efficiently and calmly. I was extremely impressed with how professional he and his team were, and for a very reasonable price at that. He has my thanks, and I would absolutely call him in again in the future.


Very professional, believe it or not was at my house when they said they would be. Cleaned everything up before leaving. Very pleased will use them again. Was worth the price. A bit more expensive but worth it.

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